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We are Alexander Kübler, Stefan Riehle and Yijian Lan and we would like to introduce ourselves! Alex and Lan studied Interaction Design at University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Stefan joined the team one year ago as he studied Industrial Design at University of Applied Sciences in Pforzheim before. Together we are attending the course of Strategic Design and aim to finish in February 2019. We are delighted to present our Master Thesis ‘Consumer Brand Relationships in the dynamic World of Retail’. Enjoy!

Retail is not dying, it is changing.

Contrary to all past predictions, the retail industry is not dying but is experiencing a change that is triggered by digitization, globalization and the resulting new customer demands. Shopping got much more convenient due to technological progess and the connected retail environment. But at the same time, it has never been harder to actually reach customers, to be exciting, to be different. In an increasingly complex world, retail needs to take on an ever-increasing number of tasks and meet ever-greater demands.

The fear of change paralyzes many retailers and leads to imitation. But that could possibly be the greatest danger in times where uniqueness is in demand. It should be rather seen as a chance to meet these demands, to develop as a retailer and to stand out from others. In this transformation process the key to success is reinvention. This applies to the branding of a company, but also to business models and internal structures that need to be examined for their future viability. This means a lot of space to design innovative solutions for retailers and for their customers.


We want to give you support in overcoming the difficulties associated with this new freedom in retail. In this paper we describe the developments of the retail industry at the moment and give an impression of where it will go in the near future in our opinion. We want to show how to design a future retail strategy on the basis of the insights that we derive from trends of the retail market, customer behavior and customer brand relationship and test it on an specific use case – from theory to practice.

Therefore, we developed a retail strategy for the Jomoo Group. On this basis we can verify our statements and give a realistic example to our explanation. We also want to share our process and our learnings that can be adopted onto other brands and markets. Our goal is to identify which requirements will be assigned to retail in the future and how to respond to them with a custom strategy. Additionally, we explain the designers’ role in this future scenario and how we can apply our competences.


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Jomoo Group

This Masterthesis was done in cooperation with the Jomoo Group GmbH and will be used as our usecase in this discourse.

JOMOO, originated from deep love for water and reverence for life, adhering to ideas of „User-oriented Intelligent, Healthy Green“ ,is devoted to creating comfortable ideal experience brought by intelligent home, building unique kitchen & bathroom culture to enable our final user to enjoy happy and healthy life after all. JOMOO, start your smart life.

More content is coming soon. The work is currently still subject to a company secrecy.